Delaware Listings

Wilmington, Delaware

This has just been listed in June. The office is located in a suburban free-standing office building with ample free parking. the office has 3 well equipped ops with a 4th room plumbed.  4-year average collections are $517k. This includes 2020. 2022 Projected collection are on target to hit +$620.


Arlington, Virginia: SOLD! GP with all the whistles & bells. +1.2 Million over 3 yrs.

Fauquier County, VirginiaSOLD! Fully Digital. 7 ops. 3400 sq. ft. in a prime location.

Chantilly, Virginia-SOLD! Small 2 op practice. Digital x-ray. Great location

Fairfax County, Virginia-SOLD! GP office 4 modern ops. Fully digital. Fee parking

Prince George’s County, MarylandSOLD! practice grossing 2.6 million and 8 operatories.

Maine-SOLD! GP practice grossing 1.275 million with 9 plumbed operatories!   

Prince George’s County, Maryland-SOLD! GP grossing 1.1 million w/ a condo for sale!!  

Baltimore County, Maryland-SOLD! GP grossing 700K in a stand-alone building!

Talbot County, Maryland-SOLD! General practice grossing 1 million with the condo for sale!

Fairfax County, Virginia-SOLD! General practice grossing 600K in a condo for sale!

Baltimore, Maryland-SOLD! General practice grossing 260K with 3 ops.

Ann Arundel County, Maryland-SOLD! General practice grossing 1.6 million.

Baltimore County, Maryland-SOLD! General practice grossing 625K.

Northern Virginia- SOLD! GP grossing 1.6 million in a stunning 4000 sq. ft. building for sale!

Baltimore Suburb, Maryland- SOLD! GP grossing 750K with 2,000 active patients!

Washington D.C.- SOLD! Grossing 950K.  

Frederick County, Maryland- SOLD! Grossing 535K and very profitable! 

Howard County, Maryland- SOLD! General practice grossing 800K.

New Castle County, Delaware- SOLD! General practice grossing 650K.

Montgomery County, Maryland– SOLD!! General practice grossing 2.9 million!

Anne Arundel County, Maryland- SOLD! General practice grossing 1.1 million!

Baltimore County, Maryland- SOLD!  General practice grossing 1.7 million

Bowie, MarylandSOLD! General practice grossing 475K in a condo for sale.

Baltimore County, Maryland-SOLD!  General practice grossing 300K.

 New Castle County, Delaware-SOLD! GP grossing 550K in a 5 op, well laid-out office!

Howard County, Maryland-SOLD!  General practice grossing 600K

Anne Arundel County, Maryland-SOLD! General practice grossing 550K.

Harford County, Maryland-SOLD! General practice grossing 370K

Charles County, MarylandSOLD! General practice grossing 550K  

Baltimore County, MarylandSOLD! General practice grossing 970K   

Anne Arundel County, MarylandSOLD! General practice grossing 900K! 

MarylandSOLD! Oral Surgery office grossing 750K  

Baltimore County, MarylandSOLD! GP grossing over 950K in a 4op, 1500 sq. ft. office. 

Baltimore County, Maryland-SOLD! GP grossing 350K. 4 ops, pano in a 1700 sq. ft. office.  

Frederick County, MarylandSOLD! GP grossing 675K stand-alone bldg. w/ a longtime staff. 

Prince George’s County, MarylandSOLD! GP grossing 1 million with condo/s for sale.  

Baltimore, MarylandSOLD! General practice grossing 475K. 

Prince George’s County, Maryland- SOLD! GP grossing 1 million with a high net income!  

Fairfax County, VirginiaSOLD!  General practice grossing 525K in a 4 op 1700 sq. ft. office. 

Baltimore County, MarylandSOLD!  GP grossing 520K. Very high net. Very low overhead! 

New Castle County, DelawareSOLD!  GP grossing over 900K in a seller owned condo

Alexandria/Annandale VirginiaSOLD!  GP grossing over 500K on three days. 

Baltimore County, Maryland-SOLD!  GP grossing 550K in a beautiful 7 op 2500 sq. ft. office!

MarylandSOLD! Pedo office grossing 600K in a 5-op seller owned condo. 

Washington County, MarylandSOLD! GP grossing 600K. Stand-alone bldg. w/ apt. rental.   

Chevy Chase, MarylandSOLD! GP grossing 470K in a sought-after location.  3 ops, digital.

Ellicott City, MarylandSOLD! General Practice grossing 575K in a 2000 sq. ft. office.  

MarylandSOLD! OS Practice Grossing 550K. Great location!  2,000 sq. ft. condo 3 current ops

Waldorf, MarylandSOLD! General practice grossing 240K.  3 ops in 1100 square ft.

Chevy Chase, Maryland– SOLD! GP grossing 525K. Stand-alone building. 4 ops all digital

Baltimore County, MarylandSOLD! GP grossing 600K on only 3 days in a stand-alone bldg.

Frederick County, MarylandSOLD! GP grossing 1.2 million in a spacious 6 op office.

Ellicott City, Maryland-SOLD! General Practice grossing 380K

VirginiaSOLD! Pediatric Practice grossing 1 million.    

Maryland, near the beachSOLD!! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!!

Anne Arundel County, MarylandSOLD!! GP grossing 515K in a 4 0p, 1450 Sq. ft. office.   

Carroll County, MarylandSOLD!  General practice grossing 350K.

Baltimore County, MarylandSOLD! General practice grossing nearly 650K.

Cecil County, MarylandSOLD! GP grossing 775K. Stand-alone bldg. 1500+ active patients.  

Salisbury Area, MarylandSOLD! General practice grossing 1.3 million.

Eastern Shore, MarylandSOLD! A dream practice for tech savvy buyer. Beautiful location!!

Harford County, MarylandSOLD!! Retiring GP grossing 360K .1200+ active patients!!

Arlington, VirginiaSOLD! General Practice grossing 1 million.

Upper Marlboro, MarylandSOLD!! General practice grossing 560K.

Baltimore County, MarylandSOLD!! General practice grossing 950K on a major road.

Baltimore County, MarylandSOLD! General practice grossing nearly 650K.  

Baltimore County, MarylandSOLD! General practice grossing nearly 850K.

Wilmington, DelawareSOLD!! General practice grossing 400K on 2.5 days a week.

Baltimore County, MarylandSOLD! General practice grossing 75ok.

Gaithersburg, MarylandSOLD! General practice grossing 500k.

Hershey/Hummelstown Area, PennsylvaniaSOLD!! General Practice grossing 415K.

Delaware, New Castle CountySOLD! General practice grossing 500K with a high net.

Delaware, New Castle CountySOLD! General practice grossing around 300K.

Carroll County, MarylandSOLD! General practice grossing 800K.  

Harford County, Maryland-SOLD! Opportunity to own a practice in a beautiful setting! 

Cumberland, MarylandSOLD! General Practice grossing 546K with a net of 297k!  

Olney, Maryland-SOLD!  

Chemung County, New YorkSOLD!!

Frederick County, MarylandSOLD! General Practice in growing Frederick County +300K year

Glen Burnie, MarylandSOLD! General Practice with three ops grossing over 300K. 

Northern VirginiaSOLD! GP with 5 ops grossing 1.4 million.  High net income!  

Ellicott City, MarylandSOLD! General Practice with 3 newer ops grossing around 300K. 

Baltimore, MarylandSOLD! GP with the option to buy the real estate in a desirable location!   

Alexandria, VirginiaSOLD! General Practice Grossing 340K 

Northern Virginia-SOLD! General Practice with six operatories.  Grossing 850K.  

North Washington, D.C.-SOLD! General Practice with 5 operatories. Grossing 650K.   

Northern VirginiaSOLD! General Practice with 4 ops.   

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